Since I was a child, "art" has been a way for me to dialogue with myself, a solitary form of investigating, where I can play and don't have to make sense. This work is still a way for me to explore my inner landscape, and share the journey in a way that my capacity for language does not allow.


Jung said it succinctly "To the extent that I managed to translate emotions into images- that is to say, to find the images concealed in the emotions- I was inwardly calmed and reassured."



I worked with the house form for several years. It became a symbol for my body, the place I reside. The materials were chosen to convey the feeling I was working with in each sculpture. I work until I feel a sense of resolution. At times I am following a known thread into an outer territory and sometimes I am pulled along, following without any idea why. Sounds like life, eh?

The Rumi poem which graces the  HOUSE GALLERY  gallery, was discovered toward the end of that exploration and expresses the process beautifully.


The gallery  COCOONS, BODIES  contains work I made after having treatment for breast cancer. After the diagnosis and during treatment I let all the balls I juggle in my life drop. I focused my attention on the process at hand for almost a year. After that year, it was time to begin to work again.

I felt oddly stripped, not ready for re entry, I wanted to cocoon until the next step naturally sprouted, instead of picking up where I left off. Yet I needed to return to my job, so to honor that desire to cocoon I began to create wrapped and cocooned figures.

Part of the last piece in this gallery is a set of prayer beads I made from tearing; soaking and reconfiguring horrific newspaper articles I collected for two weeks. I was beginning to feel utterly helpless and angry, yelling at the radio and newsprint. The beads took three nights to make and were offered as a prayer of not knowing.


In the last gallery  BOXES the pieces play with materials and the concept of inner and outer.

I have recently added some older work from the mid to late nineties to give myself a little "retrospective."  I like to look over the years and identify the threads that connect it all.
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I hope that you respond to some of the work; I would love to hear from you.

Thank You